Music For Film / Advertising



Role: Composer, Sound Designer


Mass Mutual: Two Ways

Role: Composer

I worked on the music for a beautiful ad campaign made by Johannes Leonardo for Mass Mutual.  The spot features stunning "macro" shots of space and earth and "micro" shots of everyday events. The juxtaposition of things both small and big gives you a sense of the world's interconnectedness.


Sonnet Insurance: Journey

Role: Arranger, Piano,

Sonnet Insurance. This spot by Johannes Leonardo depicts a baby's journey home from the hospital and the first things they see and hear. This was a piano arrangement of an existing piece, featuring voice over by Michael J. Fox.



Role: Composer, Sound Designer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer

The guys at HOPR and I created this animated short about the Korean War, adapted from the graphic novel Hold The Line and inspired by the true story of Fox Company, 2nd Battalion 7th Marines. The story follows Private First Class Billy French as his company is ambushed by the Communist Chinese Army.


Fisher Price: Wishes For Baby

Role: Composer

Meet the first YouTube stars of 2015. Delivered in 24 hours, this heartwarming short film captures the excitement and anticipation surrounding some of the first babies born around New Year’s all over the world. Watch real parents hold their babies for the first time, showing that the best possible start in life begins with love.



Role: Composer, Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer

In 2013, I collaborated with the animators at HOPR to create this fun spot for a kid's product.   


Nationwide: Make Safe Happen

Role: Composer

This is a PSA from Nationwide and Nickelodeon to keep kids from falling in the pool.



Run The Track, It's Bobsled Time (Feat. Sidney Mills)

Role: Composer, Songwriter, Engineer

In 2014, Sidney Mills (of the legendary reggae band Steel Pulse) and I wrote a song for a video about the Jamaican Bobsled team, which then went viral. In 2018, we remade the song into a full-length track and music video as the official theme song for the Jamaican Bobsled team. I really enjoyed working with Sidney and hope the song becomes the anthem for Jamaica's Winter Olympics for years to come. Run The Track!



Jeffrey Left - Be Patient Raisin

Role: Producer, Engineer

Jeffrey Left released this album of songs he wrote while traveling through the Northwest in a van with his wife Helyn. During a cold December in Brooklyn, we recorded these songs in my apartment, most of them very late at night. Also, a special thanks to our awesome friends who brought these songs to life. Mixed at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville by Andrija Tokic.


Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 5.21.03 PM.png

Travis Reuter - Rotational Templates

Role: Engineer

Travis Reuter's music is amazing but also amazingly difficult. But this band made it look easy. It was recorded live at Mercy Sound Recording Studios in NYC. 



Blondie - Ghosts of Download

Role: Composer, Assistant Engineer

I had the pleasure of working with Blondie on her album "Ghosts of Download". I even got the opportunity to write a song with her and DJ Hector Fonseca entitled "Mile High".